Island Mountain Farm

Welcome to Island Mountain Farm's home on the Internet. Nothing fancy but hopefully you'll enjoy your visit. 

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Our goal is to share a little of our life at island mountain, provide some useful information, and hopefully bring a smile to your face!


what we do

Pretty simple: we do our best to raise the healthiest sheep and pigs, and grow our garlic, shallots, specialty onions, and gourmet potatoes as naturally as possible. Our goal is to be good stewards of the land, leaving it better than it was when we found it.

why we do it

Why we raise our sheep and pigs and grow our produce naturally and sustainably is pretty simple - it produces the kind of food we want to feed ourselves, our family and friends. Why we farm in a remote area of north central Washington is a longer explanation…


Sustainably raised, naturally delicious!

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how we do it

We use a holistic approach to farming. Walls of books have been written on the subject - trust us we've read a few. Holistic farming is about observation, balance and intuition. Our animals and produce are raised and grown with love and respect. We ensure they are harvested and processed the same way. We also apply biodynamic disciplines and techniques in our work. Our land has not been exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides in the last 30+ years.


what it means for you

It means you have access to the same food we grow for ourselves! Our food is as safe, fresh, nutritious, and as tasty as we can make it. There is nothing we offer to you that we don't eat ourselves. If you cook our food with love and respect - then serve it with love and respect -
you will eat love and respect, and that can provide a healing lacking in much of our society.