established in 2007

Why we raise our sheep and pigs and grow our produce naturally and sustainably is pretty simple. It produces the kind of food we want to feed ourselves and feed our family and friends. Why we farm, why we live in a remote area of north central Washington, there are a number of reasons.

Your host, Farmer Bill, spent his formative years on a farm in north east Ohio. His parents moved him off the farm and into the suburbs but they never took the country out of him. He literally grew up with baby animals on the farm. Learning the ways of the shepherd and swineherd are a constant joy and completely natural for him.

Farmer Eva was a Garden Goddess in an urban environment and has brought her gift to the country. She's taking really good dirt and turning it into truly remarkable, living soil. Each year, the gardens are more beautiful and bountiful under her supervision and effort.

Bill and Eva